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Major equipment
Robotic welder
fully automatic and welding, left and right possible, and do CO2 welding.
Automatic Wire spot welder
The equipment welding automatically between wire and wire. 20 weldings at maximum by one time-operation are possible.
Wire CNC bending machine
Automatically supplying while doing two-dimensional plane bending and cutting. Round, square and oval bending is possible up to 2.0 to 10.
Do compressed process and bending work by applying pressure to the material and changing its nature.
Automatic wire bending and welding machines
The bending machine made itself in the country supplies wire automatically and do even welding.
Multi-axis drill
Used when processing frame to hole. It is possible to do 16 shafts to the max and to supply the materials automatically.
Pipe automatic pin welder
supplies pipe and the plate of materials automatically and welds the plate of pipe. It is possible to weld 18 times to the max.
PE powder coating machine
using PE powder and coating the product. It is mainly applied to the refrigerator shelf.
Powder coating equipment
As a friendly environmental powder coating equipment it possibly makes the product coatings of various sizes be processed quickly