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A global leading company creating residential culture.

Myungjin Co., Ltd with a history of 40 years has the goal to be re-created as a company with history and tradition that is over 100 years old. In order to become a company with the history and tradition of 100 years, the company should be rapidly changed and innovated much faster than anyone in a society diversified rapidly in recent decades, and then it will become a global leader.

Sharing this idea Myungjin is seeking to become a global leader. We strives to become the company to satisfy customers and to lead the world by promoting the convenience of living environment, creating the value of residential culture, always thinking from the customer perspective and innovating, and maximizing the use of space.



Best style for your life.
Dreaming a change of life. Dreaming innovation. The company, Myungjin Co., Ltd, dreaming a change of life and innovation, will serve such features. Wherever the hand of Myungjin from kitchen to bedroom and to the shoe rack of front door touches, laugher flowers come into bloom. Myungjin in the places from one to ten that dream becomes a reality, will always be there.