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Smart FactorySmart factory
Three semi-automatic SPOTwelding machine
It automatically welds between the wires, which is processed by its own program and can weld up to 20 pieces.
One semi-automatic basket welding machine
It can weld baskets and other SPOT products
Two A/C shelf automatic line (cutting + welding + coating hook)
Six wire CNC vending machine
2D wire CNC Welding machine
Semi-auto SPOT welding machine X2
A facility that is welded automatically by jig and program with a welding machine for wire lathes.
Four T-BUTT welding machine
Welds up to ve pieces through its very own program
straightening machine 5 manual, 10 automatic machines
Equipment capable of straight line and chamfer function
Welding machine for FAN protection net
Spiral welding machine (Panasonic FAN cover only, side welding)
Robot Co2 Welding machine x2
transportable moving robots
Wire 3D bending machine X6
One semi-automatic beveling machine
auto-supplying and chamfering avaliable
Automatic powder process
Eco-friendly powder coating facility that enables to coat the dierent shapes and sizes of products
PE 코팅라인
automatic line that enables PE coating up to ten wire shelves when dipped once