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Smart FactorySmart factory

"constructing over 30,000 smart-factories"
is one of the manufacturing innovation goals the Moon administration has presented this year.

Smart-factory is a high-tech company that connects every detail on manufacturing process with ICT(Information and Communications Technologies) to lower the price and raise the quality and productivity.

The main dierence between smart-company and automatic factory is that the smart-company is a combination of the automatic system and ICT, which the automatic system provides optimized process on each production lines, while smart-company elicits the optimized outcome of the logistics, clients' needs, and original price through data analysis.
Myungjin co. added MES(Manufacturing Execution System) and POP(Point Of Production), SCM(Supply Chain Management) to the origial ERP(Enterprise Resources Planning) system to maximize the output of the smart-company.

Our Smart Factory is..

FirstFirst, our smart-factory generates no paper waste at all. Employees can generate the data by simply typing the numbers in each kiosks set up by the work priority of the eld.
SecondWe applied the detecting sensor on the manufacturing facilities which automatically gathers data and connects to the database.
ThirdWork ow is recorded through the each designated barcodes. Each tags are generated by the numbers typed in the eld, which is sent to the out-sourcing company and then registered on the list. It is also possible to verify the inventory through attaching the tag on the products once the entire packaging process is done.
FourthSemi-automatic working process with 3D facilities and robotic arms. Products manufactured by each process move automatically by the robotic arms, which liberates the burden of personnel expense. Of course, we are not pursuing the decrease in the number of manufacturing personnel. We have re-assigned the employess on dierent work places in order to make better uses of automatic process and human power.
FifthCollected data can be conrmed at all times, wherever and whenever. Through checking the number of machines in use, we can identify which machine is out of order. Moreover, we can immediately conrm which department, or which facility has a problem as well. We can also search for the annual/monthly production cost and revenue.

Since 2013, our innovation for the future will continue to move forward.