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  • [New Year's interior] INOKHA, anyone make it easily without tools... Storage space `The magic of modules`
  • 2020-01-31116
  • In recent years, module furniture that can be directed in various ways according to the concept is attracting attention. Modular furniture derived from the word'modular' is not made of a single piece of furniture, but is made into furniture in the desired shape by assembling parts at will. Overall, the sense of volume was reduced and the simplicity of the line was utilized. Se…
  • Myungjin Ind., An article related to donation dish dryer to the underprivileged
  • 2015-01-231964
  • Donation of dish racks to the underprivileged (2014.12.29) On the 29th, Myeongjin Industrial Co., Ltd. donated its own dishware drying rack (worth 10 million won) to the SME Love Sharing Foundation for the underprivileged. At the delivery ceremony on this day, Kim Jong-hwan, head of the Incheon Regional Headquarters of the Small and Medium Business Federation, and Jung Kyun…
  • Daily economy's INOKHA brand launching article
  • 2015-01-221767
  • Daily economy's INOKHA brand launching article Myungjin Ind.'s own brand,'INOKHA' Kitchen utensils such as tableware stand Myungjin Industrial, a wire processing company, has launched its own kitchenware brand'INOKHA'. The products launched this time are seven types, including dish dryers, shelves, sink nets, and cutlery holders. Based on the technology that has been …
  • Myungjin Ind., leaps forward as the first self-branded kitchen product
  • 2014-09-122806
  • When an elongated stainless wire of more than 1600 meters in length entered the 3D bending machine, a small robot arm bent the wire in a predetermined shape and cut it to the appropriate size. And when the cut wire was welded with sparks, the shape of a refrigerator wire shelf came out. Jeon Jae-kwon, CEO of Myungjin Industrial, a kitchen accessory and refrigerator shelf c…
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